netmap — Shorewall NETMAP definition file




This file is used to map addresses in one network to corresponding addresses in a second network.


To use this file, your kernel and iptables must have NETMAP support included.

The columns in the file are as follows.


Must be DNAT or SNAT.

If DNAT, traffic entering INTERFACE and addressed to NET1 has it's destination address rewritten to the corresponding address in NET2.

If SNAT, traffic leaving INTERFACE with a source address in NET1 has it's source address rewritten to the corresponding address in NET2.

NET1 - network-address

Network in CIDR format (e.g.,

INTERFACE - interface

The name of a network interface. The interface must be defined in shorewall-interfaces(5) Prior to Shorewall 4.1.4, this must be an exact match. Shorewall-perl 4.1.4 and later allow loose matches to wildcard entries in shorewall-interfaces(5). For example, ppp0 in this file will match a shorewall-interfaces(8) entry that defines ppp+.

NET2 - network-address

Network in CIDR format




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